Every day the parents do six things “one minute”, the child will be distinctly different

To educate your child well, every day, parents do six “minutes” below to care, respect and help your child grow.

Hang Tri is a great educator in modern Chinese history. Education teacher Dao Tri said: ” Teach a person to start from childhood.” Children, like the seedlings, if grown properly, they can grow healthy, otherwise the child will suffer. love, difficult to develop into talent .

In addition, he conceived that “true education is an activity that must go from the heart to the heart, only when actions and speech come from the heart can it reach the depths. human soul “ . Therefore, to educate your child well, every day, parents do six things “one minute” below to care, respect and guidance to help children grow.

1. One minute to listen

Every day the parents do 6 things a minute, the child will be distinctly different - Picture 1.

When you listen carefully you will discover that the child understands everything.

Hang Tri said: “Everybody says that the baby is young, so what parents say, the baby hears nothing.” In fact, the child understands, will know the joy and sorrow of parents “ . Therefore, parents take a minute each day, change the angle, enter the world of children, listen to children say and feel. This is useful for cultivating your child’s social skills. Use your heart to listen, you will discover that the child actually understands everything.

2. One minute of love

Hang Tri said: “Love is a kind of great power, no love, no education, not to light the feelings of children.” Love and companionship is the greatest thing parents should do for their children. Every day a minute, the parents talk to each other, touch the baby’s head, give the child a warm hug, make them know that parents love them. Parents do not scold children in public, do not complain about their children’s achievements, especially not to take away the interests of children … If love children, give children enough love and respect.

3. One minute to join

Hang Tri said: “Action is father, knowledge is children, creativity is grandchildren . ” Attempt to uncover common interests of you and your child, which promotes emotional communication with your child. Children also want to explore the world of adults and participate in it. One minute a day, let your child participate in family issues, respect the independence of the child, listen to the child’s opinion, try to reach consensus. Of course, when children participate in this process, parents need to respect and try to guide the child to understand, not what is in accordance with the child.

4. One minute of praise

Every day the parents do 6 things a minute, the child will be distinctly different - Picture 2.

Praise the advantages of children to help children develop their strengths

A friend of Dao Hang Tri, because the child broke a gold watch to buy him was angry, then hit a baby. Mr. Dao Hang Tri heard and said: “He hit a talent” Then he personally went to the friend’s house, took the child to the clock repairing shop, and looked at the watchmaker’s eyes with great pleasure. Each child has its own advantages, not from the perspective of parents but always look at the weakness of the child. Every day a minute, when parents find out the advantages of children then praise, this will help children to develop their strengths.

5. One minute of encouragement

Hang Tri said: “The whole secret in educating youngsters is to trust and give children freedom . ” In a lecture at Wuhan University, Dao Hang Tri took from the box a rooster and a handful of paddy. He pressed the cock and separated the beak to remove the grain of rice into the chicken’s mouth, but the cock struggled and refused to eat. Then Dao began to loosen his arms and stroked the cock a few times, now the chicken himself began to eat rice.

Every child is an angel, do not compare your child with other children. Education is like eating chicken, do not put knowledge on the baby, when children do not want to learn. Spend one minute a day encouraging your child, giving him or her confidence and inspiring learning in the child.

6. One minute fix

Every day a minute, parents take the time to correct the misbehavior in the child’s life, such as bullying you or stingy children. In the way to fix, first of all to clarify the cause of behavior, next attention to the mode of education. Let your child see the correlation between mistakes and correct mistakes. Children find themselves responsible for the behavior they have caused and need to be modified, even when the child does not want to.