Just need to lay down these 4 secrets, parents will forge children to sleep well from the first months of life

Good sleep is a common concern for many parents, but not everyone does the right thing and succeeds. So please remember these 4 tips carefully.

Welcoming new tiny members in the family is the endless happiness of any parent in this world. But that happiness is also very easy to turn into a nightmare if she wakes up every night and her parents are tired, listless because of lack of sleep and trying to coax them. Many people wonder why babies can sleep on the “plow” night, so hard for their parents. The answer may be due to environmental changes from the mother’s belly to the real world outside.

Just need to lay down these 4 secrets, parents will forge good sleep from the first months of life - Photo 1.

The situation of newborn babies sleeping on the “plow” night makes parents hard and listless because of lack of sleep (Artwork)

To forge children to sleep  well from the first days of life, parents please memorize 4 secrets below.

1. Help your child recognize the day’s boundaries

Because day and night are not distinguished yet, there are babies who will sleep during the day and wake up more at night. According to sleep experts, the first step parents need to make good kids sleep and on time is to teach them how to distinguish between day and night.

During the day, when your baby is awake, parents:

– Play with your baby as much as possible, combine with other babies.
– Perform different games, enhance talking and eye contact.
– Take your baby out for a walk in the sunlight, fresh air.
– Talk and sing to your baby when feeding during the day.
– Make sure bedrooms are light in the daytime.
– Reduce activities before giving babies a nap during the day.
– If possible, put your baby to sleep in different places like a cot in the living room and leave some light on.
– There is no need to “cut off” all normal noise during the day, such as television, radio, washing machine, but it should not make too loud noises, surprisingly startling, difficult to sleep again.

Just need to lay down these 4 secrets, parents will forge the good sleep from the first months of life - Photo 2.

She does not necessarily need to eliminate any noise, light or fix her sleeping position for her daytime nap (Artwork)

2. At the same time, help your child know the time for a night’s sleep

Night sleep is quite important, parents make sure the evening activities are different from the day and remain low, avoiding irritating activities for the baby. You can start with the following steps:

– Give your baby a bath with warm water to help her body make melatonin – a hormone for sleep.
– Gently massage to help your baby relax.
– Read to your child a book, sing a lullaby and end with a glass of milk and kiss him goodbye before sleeping. Be careful not to prolong these activities to make them boring, making them more difficult to sleep.
– Keep quiet, speak quietly when feeding your baby to the night, avoid eye contact.
– Keep the room dark and quiet, not chat with your baby much.

Parents also need to be aware that the baby may not be able to sleep overnight, but still need to wake up to eat and seek mother’s embrace and patience. In addition, parents should not take the baby out of the bedroom to play or turn on the TV for the baby to watch. Because if you do that, your child will think that night is to play and act like day, making it more difficult for him to distinguish between day and night.

Just need to lay down these 4 secrets, parents will forge good sleep from the first months of life - Photo 3.

Warm baths, gentle massages before sleeping at night will help your baby sleep better and get deeper (Artwork)

3. Set clear and separate activities for each type of sleep

According to experts, babies adapt and tend to follow habits because it gives them a sense of security, peace of mind and they can predict what will happen next. So parents need to establish clear and separate habits for each type of baby’s sleep to better distinguish them.

Lisa Ang, 35, the mother of Karl, 13 months old, said she formed a nap routine with much shorter time than night sleep. She explained: “I usually let my child take a nap after I have fun and eat activities. I will take my child to the room, change diapers and let me sleep. I will give my child a sleep bath. Warm water, wear pajamas, read books, give your child a cup of milk and start sleeping. These activities are clearly separated for day and night.

4. Limit sleep time during the day, but do not skip naps

During the day, children still need to take naps and this is also a time for their mother to take a break or complete unfinished jobs. However, the more they sleep, the less sleep they get at night. Newborn babies sleep an average of 16 hours a day, if parents want their babies to sleep a lot at night, they need to reduce the amount of sleep they need during the day.

Instead of sleeping for 3 hours, reduce it to 1 hour or up to 1.5 hours. Then she wakes her up, feeds her and plays with her. If your baby sleeps more than 1.5 hours, your baby will have trouble sleeping at the next nap. This means your baby needs 4-5 naps during the day instead of 1-2 long sleeps.

Just lay down these 4 secrets, parents will forge good sleep from the first months of life - Photo 4.

Day or night is important, but the key is proper placement and good sleep habits for children (Artwork).

Parents should not skip their daytime naps, basically this sleep will follow another sleep sensation. Babies who sleep well enough during the day will sleep more easily at night. If your baby does not get enough sleep during the day, he or she will go to bed early in the evening but it is very easy to wake up, do not sleep deeply, fuss due to the tired, overworked body for a long day.